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Who I am


My name is Sarah Travagline.  I am self-motivated, result oriented, and efficient at organizing and effectively utilizing all available resources to achieve optimum results.

My experience includes:

  • Fifteen years in various management positions in the banking industry.

  • Master of Science Degree in Organizational and Strategic Leadership from Neumann University.

  • Bachelor's degree in Business Management from Salisbury University, Perdue School of Business with an emphasis in International Business. 


Why I do this


My dream job is to be an Executive Coach/Honest Objectivity, using emotional intelligence/critical thinking. 

My vision and strategy: 

  • Use my past job experiences and education to teach others how to respond to situations rather than react. 

  • Knowledge Transfer: To give to others what I have learned.

  • To Pay it Forward. 


What I can do for you


Provide content on how to achieve superior performance using, "Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking. Understanding Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking gives us the tools we need to interpret information. It enables us to recognize propaganda or misinformation from those in power. It assists us in making better decisions about our actions. It challenges current social, political, cultural, and technical ways of thinking and acting that encourages us to go beyond rationality, using our creativity to go outside the traditional boxes of knowledge and understanding. 

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